Upcoming Trends for SS21

Goodbye ice and snow, hello sun! Spring and summer are right around the corner which means dresses, shorts, and tank tops. Read on for my predictions for the upcoming seasons.

  • Polos are back

No, not the Ralph Lauren polos that your typical frat bro might wear. I’m talking about the shirts or dresses that’s made of a soft material with a structured collar and a deep v .

  • Crochet anything

I don’t know if you’re like me and gained a new hobby over quarantine but I found my love of crocheting. It also has become a trend on TikTok which is probably why I’ve been seeing it everywhere. From cardigans to tops, you might want to start learning how to crochet because it’s gonna be the new trend.

  • Halter tops

Move over Y2K, the 70s are making a comeback. Halter tops are perfect for working on a shoulder tan. The most popular ones are printed either in floral or holographic.

  • Disco pants

Following along with the 70s trend, disco pants are bright, shiny, and flares. Pair it along with a monochromatic top for the perfect futuristic vibe.

  • Button downs

This is such a scandinavian trend. I personally have even started wearing them now. They’re so lightweight and gives you an effortless look.

  • Funky tights

These are more of a 60s trend but wear them under a mini skirt for the full look. They come in swirls, animal print, floral, etc. These are perfect to add a pop of color to your outfit.

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